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Monday, April 25, 2011

scratch that

  I went out for mojitos with my friend Jan last night in the end, even if this is the blurriest proof youve ever seen, and this was the good camera too...I really need to learn how to use it..

You've got to be careful, a couple of these sneeky motherfuckers will wipe you out...or at least  me.. I'm such a wimp..

My beautiful boyfriend Sergi can make a mighty mojito and I don't do a bad job myself. Here is the recepe, try it out it's very easy and cheap:

1st whack the living shit out of a bag of ice. Show no mercy, crush it senseless into pieces a bit bigger than powder.

2nd put like an inch of sugar or even more( white or brown, whatever youre into) in the bottom of a glass. Add 4 or 5 mint leaves and a bit of sparkling water. Using a spoon, the back of a knife or fork or a specialized crushing utensil if you have one proceed to crush the shit out of the mint as you did in step 1 with the ice. Get all the nice flavour out.

3rd add crushed ice until youve almost reached the top.

4th add as much white rum as you dare, more sparkling water to fill the glass and squeeze in some lemon and some lime and if you want to be really cool you can also put some mint leaves or a lime slice on the top of the glass for visual purposes.

5th use a straw to mix all the sugar at the bottom into the rest of the drink and to sip up that mofo!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back in Barcelona!

Ok so I'm not really the religious type. I found out that there was more than one testament something like last year and I still don't know the last words in "El padre nuestro" which I guess would be "our father" in english. So I'm not sure why today all my american facebook pals are wishing everyone a happy easter and haven't been the rest of the week. But anyway HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!=) Just when I thought the easter bunny was not comming to visit this year, my mom brought out these for my sister Alexandra and me:

These sugary beauties were flown in from Cali by my lovely father, thanks go out to him! =)
The green that match my nails were originally for me but Ale let me switch because the yellow looks like the blonde chicks on the background of this page and I thinks its cute ha!

Anyway, after lunch and this pleasant surprise I packed up and me and my peeps took a train back out to Barcelona!
This is both good and bad. Good because I was kinda bored back home, but bad becasue it's a whole day early to be back since I took too long to buy the tickets and there were none left to come back tomorrow.
In short, I'm all alone in my dorm and I'm feeling not brave/desperate enough to hit the city alone in search of someone/something fun.

Here is me in a short brunnette wig:

I'm not posting it too big because its ugly enough to look at already, I'm not going to punish you further by making it bigger. It's just trying to ilustrate the rationality behind my fear of not being blonde.

Ok that's enough, here is a pic to help erase that other one, I know I need it......

This is me and my bestie Bel at a MANGO party at Passeig de Gracia earlier this year.

This is me at the same party with Maria, another bestie =) Love you both!!! =)

small stuff

Ok, small stuff makes me mad a lot more than it should probably, but small stuff also makes me very excited. Now when I say very excited, I mean VERY excirted. I even jump up and down and clap really fast on most of these ocasions. One of them would be new nail polish.

I'm very into the neon trend and not only on clothes, this is me in a bright pink shirt from ZARA and matching eye shadow even if you can't tell in this pic.

Anyway, I've got some more bright colours in my closet, I'll prob show you  soon not because you care, you probably don't but I happen to be quite satidfyed with my current assortment and I was saying this includes not only clothes but eye shadow and NAILS!!!

I've never been a biter so I'm proud to say most of the time I flaunt some long healthy nails that have all winter long been dolled up into the crowdpleasing and elegant yet borderline boring, so I guess you could categorize them under yawn-tastic: ( drumroll) frech mani!!
Lately however, in what someone might call an attempt to bring summer here a bit prematurely ( hey a girl can dream), I've been sporting them in very bright colours. Currently that colour would be a cross between a green highlighter and an apple, so applighter I'm calling it.

I was at H&M the other day and was happy to see that they sell nail polish in small sizes now for 99cents of a euro. SOOO COOOOL! I bought orange because even though I have one already its got a shine to it and this one is more mate ( is that even a word in english?). I still have to try it out but this a pic of someone elses nails done with the same exact colour I just found on google:

I want bright yellow next, I've wanted yellow nails ever since I dreamt of myself rocking the colour all dressed in black even if thats not to spring-y a colour... To bad they didn't have it at the H&M I was at... sad face.

I also picked up a liquid black eyeliner and a white kohl one because ive got small esquimo-like eyes and I asked a stylist at LOREAL how to make them seem bigger and she suggested the black on top and the white on the bottom ( waterline in english???) here is a pic from someone elses makeup blog:
I cant find a pic of the white one but they were both under 3 euros so very cheap as was my new mascara I got at the Mercadona near my house ( Yes I'm on a budget in case you haven't guessed already).

Its supposed to give you a feline look, very fitting for my narrow eyes I'd say.

Friday, April 22, 2011

being boring and being bored are not the same thing

I guess that's true. So as a supposedly interesting person I should try not to mope around as much and try to match my mood to my personality. Just wanted to get this down on "paper" as a reminder. Thanks Ben

I just read this article about complaining:
hmmm...makes you think....


I'm begining to question whether my levels of boredom are even normal. I'm considering a blog name change to boredexic but that is not funny and it doesn't even make sense now that I think about it lol ok, I thought it was kinda funny.

I hate that you have to put in a title every time you make an entry. What if I just feel like complaining for a couple of sentences? What would be the title for that?

I watched the latest GG & Glee episodes today. They both sucked. Even if its not raining anymore I wont be in a better mood until that stupid gray sky shows me some sun. I'm on vacation and I live on the freaggin beach in Benicassim for Christ's sake!

I wonder how often Serena (Blake Lively) and other perfectly fake blondes get their hair done.
To be fair, I'm pretty sure that's Britanny's ( Heather Morris) natural colour. (Luckyyyyyyyyyyy)

I have to say, my favourite part of this last Glee episode was Gwyneth Paltrow. I'm becoming a fan. If she is anything like her character, she is pretty darn cool.
Hell, didn't she name one of her kids Apple? What more proof do I want?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ok so maybe today was not the best day to go to the beach...

It was WET ( the pics dont show how much it was pouring down) , but FUN! =) thanks go out to my friend Berny for standing out in the rain, taking pics and risking catching pneumonia with me! =)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

full moons and midnight loons

If no one was keeping track, and if Google had not provided the evidence, the moon could have performed the perfect gettaway. It could have gotten away with the perfect fake full moon. Even if it was a day off, that huge orange moon lit the scene last night on the sand by the seashore pefectly for a few good friends to have a 4 hour conversation about life and the unknown.

I wont reveal the content of our conversation in its integrity since it would probably mean killing my only 2 readers with a boredom overdose or considerable brain damage at the very least. I'll just say that we talked a lot about bad trips, alternate universes, and how the uncertain can be so fucking scary and can make you feel so small and incredibly lost.

You need interesting people to have an interesting conversation and hey, I have few friends but if these few have the ability to talk about the most unrealistic shit and be dead serious about it, they must be pretty fucking special.

Off topic, I blaised through the first 2 seasons of sex and the city in between tanning sessions on my terrace. I was waiting for a dosis of Gossip Girl and Glee which are now both out if anyone is interested. I'll watch them tomorrow.

Also, I'm kind of sick of everyone being so obsessed with soccer in this country, Barça is playing Real Madrid right now and facebook is deserted. Wait, not true. The only reason I'm not worried that everyone on the planet has been simoultaneously abducted is that they very thoughtfully comment from their blackberry every 5 seconds on the game so that i wont worry about them. Maravilloso! So thoughtful..
I'm not sure if something specific has happened, I'm not watching, but regardless it does seem to be a widespread feeling that the game might cause people a heart attack because 3 out of my first 5 people in the news feed have expressed this worry...

I'm waiting for Belén Esteban and Carmen Lomana to yank out each others hair Spanish Jersey Shore style next on telecinco. Dear lord, Spanish TV blows.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sunny delight

I'm on vacaaa, got nothin' tuduu...lalala just cooked some awesome rice with curry & chicken for momaaa and sissy. yumss!

On other news on whats really boring, I tried to tan on my terrace this morning. I failed (I think.. no sign of significant colour change so far anyway), I'm afraid its still a bit cool for that ma'dearr.. Might hit the beach for better luck sometime this week..

I miss Canary Island temp. This is me and Clara, one of my swedish hybrid lovebugs chilaxing @ hotel Barceló margaritas Gran Canaria last week. I'm missing it , tear, and the open bar =$

p.s. Clöra is the one choking the love out of me in the below pic ( yesterdays).
Damn sweeds, can't seem to be able to hold their liquor. ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy birthday to me!!

Long story short, i'm a very bored girl, who dreams too big for her pocket and who suffers from a number of life dilusions including a mild form of blondexia. Talk to me if you're not boring, I bore myself enough already thanks.

Blondexia def: noun, self-invented and translated from the original rubiexia.It applies to the weird feeling of still having brownish hair after having died it blonde a number of times. The original root comes from rubia, blonde in Spanish. Spanish like me. Spain as in the party capital of the world. This is me partying: