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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


With Macroeconomics II this morning the ratio of completed exams is at 3/4 and on the 30th it's all finito! s'acabó!

As this school year comes to an end, I'm torn between wanting to stay at school and wanting to start summer vacation back home. These past 2 years in Barcelona have been more than I could have asked for.
It has been as if the stars somehow aligned to bring me a series of events and wonderful people that I could not have managed if I had planned for it to happen. But that's the beauty and tragedy of life for you. You are not necessarily getting more or better just by planning for it.

Malcolm X once said that, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today” and someone I will miss very much pointed out "that this isn’t true it just sounds nice, the future belongs to everyone, and the people who don’t prepare for it are going to have the most fun."

Well I don't know to what extent this is true or not but one thing I have learned this year is that there is no sense in allowing life to fly past you while you try to plan for it. The key is finding the right balance of things that maked you happyest.

So this is me having lunch at my fave place a day and a half before my last final! (I do have to say I've passed all my exams so far muahahahahaha =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

American adventure

2 exams down, 2 to go

On thursday we went on an all American outing at barcelona's La Maquinista shopping center. BLT's at Fosters Hollywood, some shopping at the first FOREVER 21 store in Spain, some very beautiful people and amazing man smell at Hollister and back home for a pre-rock-and-roll nap. After that we got our lazy asses of my bed after a long debate as to whether we should go out or not and finally bled our way to Opium Mar (I say blead because since it was San Juan the taxi charged us an extra 5 bucks, when the full ride is only around 4).
I'm missing a picture we took inside the club with edward scissor hands(once we had cut an hour long line to get in) but i've got the pre/after party pics for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

And now here are some of the newer songs you should familiarize yourself with if you plan on being socially aware and you are between the ages of 16 and 30:

David Guetta with Taio Cruz -little bad girls 

The Britsta- I wanna go

J-Lo -i'm into you

Sweedish house mafia - save the world

A few tips before I go:

Don't eat a whole bag of nuts before lunch time, it's just destroys the days time table ( if you're on one)

Don't think mosquitoes can't bite you square in the face while you are awake because the sneeky pricks absolutely can.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

mermaid crush

I watched the 4th Pirates of the Carabbean movie last night and I've come down with a mermaid crush. Usually I'm all for blonde beauties but this girl is fiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeeeee. She is a french actress that plays the role of Syrena and who's real name is Astrid Bergès-Frisbey and this is what her adorable fish face looks like:

Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey ( 26 de mayo de 1986 ) es una modelo y actriz de nacionalidad franco-española. Nació en Barcelona, pero actualmente vive enParís. Es hija de padre español y madre franco-estadounidense. Habla español, francés, Inglés y catalán de forma fluida.

The other better known fish face in the movie is Gemma Ward, also beautiful. Mermaids are cool.

The movie is OK ( for a 4th part ), Going to the movies in Barcelona is so expensive. Definitely worth going on a week day instead of the weekend so you can save 2 euros with the student discount. Last night was saturday so 8euros each without the 3D.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The number of days left until summer has increasing returns to crazyness.
Not enough days to cover way too many topics. Factor in deadlines for Erasmus classes next year, looking for a decent appartment, looking for a summer job plus all the other fun things life hits you with when you least have time for them (for instance, a huge mob of smelly complainers that forced the "mossos d'esquadra" to close off the street that I use to get to my University)

and the result is basically a not-very-good mood...

To help with this we decided to go have lunch at one of the restaurants on the Olimpic Port who's Alter Ego is a night club called SHOKO. 

They have an awesome menu from monday to thursday for 16 euros.

I had: some delicious eel maki, some not very meaty meat with an amazing sauce and ice cream with strawberry syrup yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Juan Pablo, one of the guys in charge of organizing events at Shoko is extremely nice and gave us each a 5 euro discount and some champain. DE- LISH! =)

Such a nice break from stressland, although I am doing my best at keeping as far away from that ugly place as I possibly can hahahah and I'm not doing a bad job I might add.

In other news, we decided that americans don't have whipped cream flavored ice cream, and if they do, they don't have a specific name like spaniards do : NATA

We have a new cat visiting at my Benicassim house, it is just like our old cat Blue but this one has some red fur, so the only logical name for it is RED.

I put a poll on my facebook page so that people could help me decide my next nailpolish colour but people don't seem to get as excited about nail polish as I do.... so sad. The beauty of life lies in the small things..

My International Business teacher gave us some samples of those flavored powder things you mix with water yesterday and I'm trying the lemon flavour one now. I don't remember the brand but I'm not very impressed. The only results have been 3 trips to the little girls room and not the best taste. I'm sticking to pink lemonade as my fave dissolved drink.

Thanks go out to the lovely Christie for the pics she lets me take with her Blackberry since my camera is all packed up and back home. =)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I used to think people that highlight more than 60% of the words on the page were stupid. 

Highlighting everything completely defeats the purpose of highlighting anything at all, doesn't it?

However, I changed my mind during last terms exams. Highlighters have a whole new purpose when used to highlight everything you read because you can look at the paper and if it stares back at you all glow-in-the-dark you get a feeling of acomplishment.

It is also useful when you get distracted and then keep reading. You can spare the couple of seconds you would otherwise waste re-reading part of the text in order to find where you left off.

If I was on the marketing team at STABILO or something like that I'd def try to turn this practice into a trend. I'm sure it could catch on and of course it would mean increasing sales.

Anyway, in other news, my replacement phone died yesterday, we have a goodbye RESA diner tonight, and I saw a dying baby bird all covered in mud today on my way home from uni. All very sad things.

In decreasing order of sadness:

Bird > RESA farewell > RIP phone

In long term sadness:

RESA > bird > phone

I'm just really bummed about the bird right now...I e-mailed the zoo but I don't think it will do that much. There is no number to call on their web page =(

Anyway, here is a preview of a poem we wrote last night for tonights RESA dinner. It's long, don't bother reading if you've never been at RESA ciutadella, you wont be able to appreciate:

¿En RESA tu pintas mucho?
No he visto mural más feúcho!
No folles en la cama guarra,
No se te vaya a saltar una barra!
El internet es un caso a parte ,
Su velocidad es más que desesperante
A continuación está el DIR
A donde sólo al Hulk de Roig le gusta ir
También están los extintores,
Que Toni Gimeno usa más que condones
Y yo le preguntaría al arquitecto,
¿eso que usaste es cemento?
O por el contrario , ¿ es papel Albal?
Pedazo de subnormal!
Mis vecinos no me dejan dormir
Los jueves por la noche antes de salir
Se escuchan hasta los murmullos,
Por no hablar de los zurullos
Jordi Riu se pone a follar
Y lo escucha desde el cero Sikandar
Hablando de seguridad,
Una parte del poema os queremos dedicar:
Querido Ricardo,
No te despierta ni un petardo
Es normal que estés cansado
Después de una maratón haber andado
Todo el día de arriba abajo,
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay qué maaajooooo!!!
Pero te tienes que relajar,
Querida bola de billar
A ver si por tanto renegar
Un día la vas a palmar
Y dile a tu amigo Sikandar
Que las pelotas nos deje de tocar
Queremos hacer botellón
Sin que aparezcáis en la habitación
Molería que no nos pusieras un parte
No pretendíamos molestarte
Ahora que nos hemos puesto a rajar,
Mejor de Laura no hablar.
Claudio el manitas
Con su libreta y sus notitas
Me lo apunto y ya pasare
Que quiere decir, espera y ten fe
Patricia es de las mas cachondas
Va mas caliente que un microondas
Con las cámaras de seguridad
Siempre se quiere tocar
Cuando ve en el gimnasio a carrio muscular
Muchas gracias a todos por venir
Hoy nos vamos a salir
Y el pato pekin destruir.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow

some people say I'm bananas

I'm pretty sure theive replaced the goats in the zoo that I used to see out my window by like 6 or 7 dear. They got rained on today. Really rained on...
I hate rainy weather but summer storms are fun.
I've got my new sunny nails to cheer me up anyway! Let's get to the studyin'! 3 more weeks...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back at the home base

It's only a 1 hour flight, but 5 total hours are needed to get from INSA Lyon to Arc de Triomf in Barcelona.
It was a rainy weekend visiting the love. Highlights are my new lipstick and that we watched and liked the movie Transformers 2. We played some tennis inspired by the Roland Garros tournament on TV and by looking at this candid shot I'm concluding that i'll be doing a lot more of it this summer in hopes of halting my transformation into a whale.

P.S. Awesome pics:

alcohol, beer, booze, drink, drinks, drunk
I kinda want a hello kitty tattoo now hahahah


Friday, June 3, 2011

hey hey what can i say?

Thursday night 3 weeks from exams. Sushilicious diner at a place with a japanese name I can't remember and tekiller shots at a whack bar in barri gótic. No one had a camera but I found these on the bar's facebook page. Slept 4h and dragged myself over to france where I'm being taken care of =)

We asked for something to write on the tables with and got a pretty good assortment of neon markers. Some got more excited than others and the table ended up covered in Japanese radioactivity graphic jokes...... drinks were 6euros and shots were 3. In case you are interested. The bar tender Louie ( i'm not sure about the spelling) was nice, the other one not so much, we couldn't get free drinks out of him. That's about it, I wish I had brought a camera =(

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

por votacion popular

I was asked to post this video that started off a kickass presentation today in IB class!  LOOOVEEE this class

I'm being a good girl and I'm not going out tonight since  have class at 9 tomorrow but I can't sleep. I had a sip of gin tonic a couple of asparagus and I'm going to watch an episode of sex and the city. That might be the magic combo. Nighty night