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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sushi soirée

I LOVE going out for sushi! 

I♥getting dressed up for it
     I♥practicing my chop stick skills
          &I♥how healthy it is. 0fat!!

I was very happy to have some last night!

These are some pics of a pretty cool dress I put together with one of my mom's vintage (nice word that makes old stuff seem stylish) elastic lace shirts. I've always wanted to shoot a long dress in the water though, let's see if I get around to it someday...


Monday, August 1, 2011


This blonde xic is done with work for the summer and has got much more free time on her hands. 

So far, I've watched a couple movies, read the silence of the lambs, and have done really good at maintaining my lovely pale winter tone. I'm off to the pool now to try to change that.

Movie review:
Harry potter 6: bad, same old
How to train your dragon: surprisingly cute
A - team: funny
Limitless: OK but kind of intense for me
Friends with benefits: OK, chill out, dont use brain, kind of movie

My blondexia is kicking in and i'll go get my hair done soon, in the meanwhile i've asked for blogger passes for the Valencia fashion week starting on sept 7th. Let's see if i'm as lucky as last year and I can go check it out. They have an awesome new stage this year. Fingers crossed! I hope I can actually go, I'm leaving for Lyon soon after that if I havent left yet at that point...