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Saturday, October 29, 2011

soirée filles vieux Lyon

Ive decided to expand my horizons as an english tutor and am currently teaching a 65 plus year old french man. Today we talked about how NASA is planning to put fuel depots in space so that spaceships can refuel in space and go on longer journeys. FYI they predict they may be able to get to Mars in the 2030s

After that and like 5h of french business courses I was ready to take a break. What better than some melted cheese and bread and wine in good french company?

I kinda got artistic...but Im not sure it worked out that well...anyway, I tried. This first picture is Sergis eye, the rest are from like an hour ago in the restaurant. Ive already had another piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk and am ready for bed. Bonne nuit les filles!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carrefour adventures

French food shopping is very expensive. Maybe this is why you always get some kind of a gift at the cash register. At the moment Carrefour has this disney sticker thing going on...
So yesterday I decided to put some chocolate back in my life, so I went and bought a shitload of stuff including nutella, nesquick and chocolate cake mix (yes, i bought it yesterday and this is what is left, dont judge me, I swear my roomate and boyfriend helped me...)

Anyway, I must be a VIP buyer at Carrefour because Ive ended up with a gazillion stickers... even double ones like Erik and Ariel or the sleeping beauty and her man.

Even Hannah Montana

I got kinda carried away and now Im not sure how Im supposed to take my notebooks into a 3rd year business course...


Monday, October 17, 2011


It turns out that the imaginary illness that I autodiagnosed myself with long ago and that gives this blog its name is not so imaginary after all!! The worst part of it is that I got the name slightly wrong. Apparently the correct term is blondarexia and not blondexia.

Marilyn Monroe por Andy Warho l2

Sad times...

«Se trata de una psicopatología relacionada con la imagen personal»

read more from the source>

In other news that james likes>

I cut my finger while chopping a tomatoe to put in my salad 2 days ago.

And I painted a bit outside my nails on the right hand because its sooo much harder than the doing the left. one.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


enough said

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Good morning upper east siders! Like Gossip Girl, I’m back with a whole new season of not-as-fabulous city adventures! This year I have traded in my beloved Barcelona for its French equivalent, Lyon, in hopes of <ameliorating> my French.

I’ve been living in France for over a month now and so far I can’t say I love it but I guess I’m still recuperating from cultural shock. Luckily I’ve met some pretty cool kids on the bloc to hang out with so with their help plus initial class registration depression averted I’m pretty sure Ill survive la France.

Although since I’ve been here I have stayed true to my love for sushi, last night I tried Tartare a la Italienne and even though I still prefer my raw eatables to be fish, I have to say it was not bad at all. I quite enjoyed the italian restaurant (Lolo Quoi, in the center of Lyon) though a bit pricey for my taste. (When Im the one paying bien sur)

Little insider tips> De l’eau is French for free water in all French restaurants so its not worth it to buy bottled water and there are awesome half off(4 euro) cocktails at Ayers bar on Tuesdays which are def worth a visit.

When entering Ayers bar on a Tuesday beware of French eye-injuring ensembles such as this lovely one. Wheres Waldo?

p.s. to those with a critical fashion eye, yes I was wearing the same outfit last night as in the post below but in my defence I look amazing in it and it was 2 months ago and I moved to a different country so thats the only reason why its ok. Usually I religiously try to avoid outfit do-overs!!!  desole...