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Sunday, October 7, 2012

models off duty

All of the following pics are "stolen", I usually use my own, but unfortunatelly I don't run into models on the street on a daily basis. Anyway, this is one of my favourite styles lately and I wanted to share it with you.


If you are tall and skinny, you can pull off this look.

All you have to do is wear:

1- dark tights, skinny jeans or leggings
2- boots
3- layers on top so that you dont look too much like a stick...

BAM! There you have it. Instant model. haha

I'll be trying it out soon and taking some pictures to post and show you how it worked out for me. I need to buy some biker boots though...

BTW, I didn't realize "models off duty" was a thing until I looked it up just now. There are so many blogs and pictures on the topic! LOOOOOVEEE

Friday, August 31, 2012

The brady bunch

Back in France, I decided to sport this funky braid for a hike in a medieval village.

My sister is the official braider on this blog, so credit goes to her. <3

Next time we have to try this do with more hair in the center braid and we have to tighten the strands that go in on either side because after a couple of hours the braid had slipped over to the side of my head and didn't look so fresh. My hair is extremely slippery though... Not the best for brading unfortunately =(

Sunday, August 26, 2012

gold glitter nails

Ok, so I know its not purple (even thogh I have purple glitter at home also) I decided to DIY the glitter nail polish trend I talked about in my last post. I decided gold was more appropriate for august.

All I used was:

- Dry gold glitter ( I had it at home for arts and crafts)
- clear polish

All I did was:

- Apply polish
- Dunk nail in glitter mountain
- Apply more clear polish
- Let dry
- Apply more polish
- Let extras fall off (this takes time and I dont know how it will look tomorrow, I'm worried the glitter will fall off all over my house... =/)

It took me 8 mins!!

Try it out! Its perfect for a night out, very Ke$ha hehe

Here are some pics! 



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

fall nail laquer shades

I've been wanting to try this on my nails for over a week now. I've seen a couple of people trying it out already and it looks amazing. I'm especially excited because the trend alert was confirmed this morning on Teen Vogue: purplish GLITTER nails polish shades are IN IN IN!!!!

Here is the link to Teen Vogue where they show you some of the laquers that they recommend. They look really nice. 

My faves are these 3:

lippmanncollection_2222_4364034 (300×536)butter LONDON - Magenta Glitter Nail Polish - Lovely Jubbly

Most of them are to be used with a base coat under it so that the glitter shows better.

I'm curious to see if you really need to spend 14$ on butter, topshop, essie or other brand names or if you can get a similar effect with any chinese store 2€ polish or even with clear polish and dry glitter. The DIY version of the trend I guess...

Anyway, I'll be investigating soon because glitter is one of the top items in the list of things that make me smile! =)

I wonder where Chiara got hers..


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

graffiti walls are cool

Monday, August 13, 2012

bubble gum pink crackle love


Here's a close up:

KIKO'S 2,50 € pink crackle polish over some random yellow =)

The trick to crackle polish is to lay it on thick and quick. Then let dry and remove extras from skin if necessary or wait for them to fall off.

I find that the more polish I apply, the bigger and the nicer it cracks. If the layer is too thin, you get very tiny cracks.

Tootles from La France! I'll post some of the french pics soon!  =)


Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY nail art

Ok so it is not the perfect result but it's good enough for a 1st attempt I think...

Black was too aggressive of a color choice for summer so I'll try another one next time.

The process is self explanatory in the pics but I'll give you a few tips in case you want to try it:

1- Wait for an hour if you have to in oder to make sure that the bottom coat of polish is completely dry. ( I waited a for  a day, but thats because I got sidetracked...)

2- Applying a clear coat before the tape protects the color from possible unwanted peeling when removing the tape.

3- Use more tape than I did. The top coat should not be the dominant color because it's going to be your 3rd or 4th coat of polish and it goes on very sticky and unevenly.

4- Try to keep the polish on your nail but if you can't don't worry, you can wash of the extra paint from your fingers when your nails are dry or it will fall off on it's own during the next few days.

5- Don't get impatient and remove the tape too soon!!! It will ruin the whole process!! I waited for at least 30mins.

Other than that, got for it and have fun experimenting!



Friday, August 10, 2012

Visit from my aunt and uncle resulting in this beauty! =)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cheap pink wash out hair color

Guten tag! Sorry for the long time no see...

Here are the highlights of what I've been doing since my last post:

- Taking a German language beginner course
- Teaching English classes a couple of times a week
- Studying the theory for my driver’s license (Exam on Tuesday, fingers crossed!!!)
- Attending FIB 2012 fib webpage

I am currently attending an entrepreneurial event more info for internet startups in Valencia meeting some very interesting, motivated smart and successful people.iscValencia twitter


My sister tried to make her hair different colors using the hair chalking method but she has darker hair than me and it didn't show very well + it took quite a bit of time. Check it:

I decided to go for the 1,20 euro wash out pink hair spray from one of the local "Chinese stores" (if you are not Spanish you might not understand this concept but basically a very cheap low quality imported from china everything store).

It worked out surprisingly well. The color was very very bright and looked like real hair dye and it came out after the 1st wash even though I ignored the clear "do not use on bright blonde or dyed hair" warning.

This is a night time iPhone pic from Sunday at FIB before the David Guetta concert. Its not the best pic but you get the idea =)

Tschüssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! =)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Iridescent nail polish

+ nail art pen on short and long nails...