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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cheap pink wash out hair color

Guten tag! Sorry for the long time no see...

Here are the highlights of what I've been doing since my last post:

- Taking a German language beginner course
- Teaching English classes a couple of times a week
- Studying the theory for my driver’s license (Exam on Tuesday, fingers crossed!!!)
- Attending FIB 2012 fib webpage

I am currently attending an entrepreneurial event more info for internet startups in Valencia meeting some very interesting, motivated smart and successful people.iscValencia twitter


My sister tried to make her hair different colors using the hair chalking method but she has darker hair than me and it didn't show very well + it took quite a bit of time. Check it:

I decided to go for the 1,20 euro wash out pink hair spray from one of the local "Chinese stores" (if you are not Spanish you might not understand this concept but basically a very cheap low quality imported from china everything store).

It worked out surprisingly well. The color was very very bright and looked like real hair dye and it came out after the 1st wash even though I ignored the clear "do not use on bright blonde or dyed hair" warning.

This is a night time iPhone pic from Sunday at FIB before the David Guetta concert. Its not the best pic but you get the idea =)

Tschüssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! =)